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We have joined ASTA - American Society of Travel Advisors

Tiernan Travel has been established in 2016 and has grown a lot ever since. From our base in the UK, we have a big markets to choose from such as Asia, Middle East, North America etc. However, we have decided to focus on a particular country and selected USA as our primary target market. Just to give you an idea, in 2017 - 3.91 million Americans (out of 39.25 million visitors from all markets) visited UK, which has increased by 13.16% from 2016. USA currently is 2nd largest market to the UK (France is leading with additional 56,000 visitors per year)


Here is some information on American travellers to the UK:

New York and California generate the most visits with the two states representing over a third of all visits from the USA to the UK.

Almost 6 out of 10 American holiday visitors are making a repeat visit.

Holiday visits continue to lead in terms of volume of visits from the American market.

American‘s have a higher propensity to visit the UK during the summer period, particularly from April to June - 1,276,649 visitors.

Where do they go?

67% of Americans visit London

31% visits rest of England

15% visit Scotland

2.3% visit Wales

1.16% visit Northern Ireland

What do they travel for?

Almost 47% of Americans visit for a holiday

19% for business

25% for visiting friends

1.4% for study

The rest for various of of reasons

What do they think about the UK?

Americans have a very upbeat perception of Britain as they ranked Britain 3th overall among 50 nations

Museums is the cultural product that is most strongly associated with Britain among Americans

Areas of strength for Britain include ‘cultural attractions’ and ‘ease of getting around' according to American visitors

What do Americans do when travelling to UK?

Sightseeing of Famous Buildings/ Monuments

Visited a Pub

Went Shopping


Hopefully you found this information useful and if you would like us to ellaborate on any particular statistics, please drop us a line on

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